Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

August 17,2004

With fall migration rapidly approaching, Audubon birders should be aware of some new recommended guidelines for those desiring to bird at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on Point Loma in San Diego. The most dramatic change is that a large group-type field trip, such as those sponsored by San Diego Audubon (once a year) and other birding groups throughout the region and professionally led out-of-state birding groups, should no longer expect to have group birding excursions at the Cemetery. Groups any larger than three to five persons should avoid birding in the Cemetery because of the concern about the impact of such large numbers of persons on the desired solemnity of the environment. It is unclear what impact this will have on the many individual birders who will be “descending” on the cemetery for birding on at least two weekends during October. Birders are also referred to ABA’s WINGING IT , June, 2004 issue, for additional information regarding these new guidelines.

Visitor Conduct Guide for Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

  1. Visitors are encouraged to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the solemn and dignified nature of the national cemeteries.
  2. If possible, park outside the Cemetery an avoid unnecessary driving through the Cemetery. Do not park in Procession Assembly Areas, near the office building, or near the Committal Service Center.
  3. Do not make loud noises or travel in groups more than a few people (apparently interpreted as no more than 3-5) or act in any way counter to the solemn nature of the Cemetery.
  4. Do not sit on or lean against Cemetery monuments or headstones.
  5. Be particularly respectful of the privacy of mourners. Bill McCausland Field Trips Chairman San Diego Audubon Body

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