Opportunity to Learn and Engage on the Extinction Crisis


Extinction: Solutions for Species on the Brink 

free virtual conference hosted by the

University of California, Irvine

February 9th and 10th from 10:00am to 1:30pm PST


Here is great opportunity to learn and engage on the extinction crisis, both local and global. Experts and advocates will address threats to ecosystems and biodiversity, and the efforts being made, demanded, and imagined in order to protect and restore species in decline. The program presents a series of distinctively different approaches to species conservation and management from conservation action leaders and scientists. Keynote speaker is former US Senator Tom Udall.

To register for this free conference, and for a full agenda, please visit the conference landing webpage HERE

Conference themes include:

  • Framing the Magnitude of the Threats and Unmet Challenges
  • Solutions: Saving Them in the Wild
  • Solutions: Achieving 30 by 30
  • COVID-19 – Opportunities to Save Species
  • Ex-situ Conservation: The Role of Zoos and Reserves in Reducing Extinctions
  • Experimenting with Technology to Stop or Reverse Extinction
  • The Imperative for Action 

Conference speakers include:

  • Tom Udall, Former US Senator, New Mexico
  • John Baker, Chief Program Officer, Managing Director, WildAid 
  • Suzanne Case, Chairperson, Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources 
  • Kathy MacKinnon, Chair, IUCN’s World Commission of Protected Areas 
  • Jennifer Norris, Deputy Secretary of Biodiversity and Habitat, California Natural Resources Agency
  • Carl Safina, Founding President, Ecologist and Author, The Safina Center 
  • Ronald Swaisgood, Brown Endowed Director of Recovery Ecology, San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research
  • Charles R. “Chipper” Wichman, Jr., President, National Tropical Botanical Garden Lindsay Young, Executive Director, Pacific Rim Conservation
  • Dan Silver, Executive Director, Endangered Habitats League

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