Larkwire is a complete, game-based learning system for mastering bird sounds—designed for both beginners and advanced birders.

Find more birds—and know them better. Birding by ear helps you find more birds—lots more. But it also helps you enter their world in a new way. Birds are constantly using sounds to communicate and express themselves. Larkwire helps you listen in.

It’s a great tool and your purchase supports Palomar Audubon Society!

Try it out today!

We’ve got Playlists! Customize Larkwire to your heart’s content…

Here at Larkwire Central we get a lot of requests from users for new features and more sounds (“chip notes, pretty please!”), but by far the single most requested feature is easier customization. You love having 479 species (and over 700 different songs and calls!) at your fingertips but want to focus on just a subset for now.

Previously, you could do it (by going group to group and selecting each species), but it wasn’t ideal. And if you wanted a different subset, you’d have to discard your first one.
Playlists To The Rescue

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Playlists fix all that. With playlists, you can define any subset of the species in your account and then play the game with just that subset. Have as many different playlists as you want and switch between them easily.
For example, you might create a playlist of your local species to focus on first, and then another one of northeast migrants to prep for your Point Pelee trip next year.
The tools for creating and editing playlists are in Larkwire’s “Search & Browse” section—use the Customize Larkwire button. Once you have defined some playlists, you can switch them on and off from your “Settings” page.

In addition to playlists, this new release has a handful of smaller tweaks, bug fixes, improvements, and of course our annual taxonomy update based on the AOU Supplement.

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