If you can spare as little as an hour a month, you can make a meaningful contribution to the success of our chapter’s goals in education, conservation, and community outreach.

No experience necessary! For any of these positions, we will provide training, guidance, and assistance as needed.

Do you have other talents you would like to share? Fill out the form below and let us know of some skills and

Here is a list of the volunteer positions openings. If you are interested in any of them, please fill out the form below.

Programs Chairperson Palomar Audubon needs a volunteer to coordinate speakers for our monthly programs.   These speakers can be members of Palomar or from the local community. Topics include birds, bird watching trips, bird photography, or conservation.  Duties include finding speakers, scheduling them, writing a short article for Band Tales of upcoming programs, introducing the speaker at the program, and bringing Palomar’s laptop and projector to the programs as needed.
Docents for Elfin Forest Nature Center As part of our partnership with The Escondido Creek Conservancy, we are encouraging our members to volunteer for their docent program.  For further information and to apply please click here.


Newsletter Support – Mailing               Bi-monthly task.

Al & Donna will be able to assist and train the volunteer for the next mailing at the end of August.

Following is a high level overview of the tasks they perform:

  • Maintain a mailing list for Chapter Only members (COM).

  • Print mailing labels from a National Audubon download and COM list.

  • Once Newsletters have been printed and folded by other volunteers, affix the mailing labels.

  • Take Newsletters to the Post Office to be mail (Postage is prepaid).

Please contact Penny Hernandez at 760-746-8315 or pennybirders@juno.com if you can help.

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