Endangered Habitats News • Spring 2018

San Diego County Climate Action Plan creates disastrous precedent

When a plan to address climate change enables sprawl, it is a big problem. To reverse this, EHL has sued.
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EHL seeks proper habitat plan implementation in Temecula

A development project in Temecula was approved absent compliance with the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP), triggering EHL litigation.
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CalFire continues with flawed plan to clear vegetation

Ostensibly to reduce fire hazard, a statewide plan for large-scale removal of native habitat was released. EHL took the lead in responding.
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EHL in the News

The media turned to EHL for comment on highly controversial housing developments.
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Poetry by Jess Morton

Late Fog

The easy sky of summer veers onto evening
hauling the coast-hung road you took for home
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