Field Trip Report Tijuana River Valley Regional Park


Hi Good Friends,

On Saturday August 20, twenty-two birders checked out 3 really nice
locations within the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park, near the Mexico
border. The weather was comfortable since there was a cool coastal
breeze most of the morning. We started our field trip at the Dairy Mart
Pond where we found 46 bird species. Lots of Double-crested Cormorants,
Western Gulls, and Song Sparrows. For our bird species list see:

We then drove to the TJRV Ranger Station on Monument Rd., where we found
15 bird species. Lots of Bushtits, House Sparrows, and Hummingbirds. A
surprise bird found there was a Northern Cardinal. For our bird species
list and photos from the Ranger Station see:

Finally, we ended our morning field trip at the Bird & Butterfly Garden,
where we found 16 bird species. Here we found 3 special birds and they
were most likely the favorites for the morning field trip: the resident
Common Ground Doves, a new resident Barn Owl, and a very unusual
Orange-fronted Parakeet. For our bird species list and some nice photos
at the Bird & Butterfly Garden, see:

Many thanks go out to Steve Ellis for maintaining the eBird checklists.
Also, thanks go out to our excellent photographers: Cathie Canepa, Gail
DeLalla, Isabelle Davignon, Mary Jo Hayes, and Tsaiwei Olee.

JIM BECKMAN, trip leader

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