2016 PAS Scholarship Award

Palomar Audubon Society has a multifaceted mission, including a community outreach program with several special initiatives. One of these initiatives is our scholarship program. This year we will provide a 100% scholarship award for a week long educational summer camp on birding conducted by the American Birding Association at Colorado Springs, Colorado. The recipient of this year’s Young Birder Scholarship is Max Leibowitz.

Max is 17 yrs old and became  interested in birds when he studied penguins in kindergarten. He read books about them and went to Sea World to see them. Later, he became interested in birds of prey and at that point he was really hooked on birds. When vacationing with his family he would look for birds that could be found  in that part of the region. Max saw California Condors in Big Sur and Common Eiders in Maine.

Max is a regular PAS field trip participant. He is an excellent birder and frequently posts his sightings on the local San Diego birding discussion groups as well as the national eBird website. Congratulations Max!

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