2019 PAS Scholarship Award

Palomar Audubon Society has a multifaceted mission, including a community outreach program with several special initiatives. One of these initiatives is our teen scholarship program. This year we will provide a 100% scholarship award for a week long educational summer camp on birding conducted by the National Audubon Society at Hog Island, Maine.

The recipient of our 2019 Scholarship award is Aedyn Loefke. Aedyn is 14 years old and really got hooked on birds five years ago when he was 9 years old. At that time, Aedyn vividly remembers a PAS field trip to Kumeyaay Lake in Santee where a beautiful male Summer Tanager was found. His favorite birds are the Greater Roadrunner and California Quail. An interesting tidbit about Aedyn is that on a PAS field trip at the Salt Works in National City, he helped rescue a Brant Goose that got oil-soaked and couldn’t fly. Also, at his Valley Center home he raises Doves. He has fifteen of them now. Congratulations Aedyn!

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