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Photo courtesy of Lisa Meyers Swanson – The Hummingbird Whisperer (male Broad-billed hummingbird)

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Festival dates: July 29, 30, and 31st, 2022

___The time has finally come for you to get your tickets! You can find them on our new, beautiful, user-friendly, and streamlined website. Take part in the celebration of hummingbirds. Our three-day event will feature:

  • Live presentations from experts

  • Hummingbird banding demonstrations

  • Garden tours

  • Birding trips

  • Hummingbird Marketplace

  • Special Attractions (Happy the Hummingbird, face painting, and live guitar)

  • Gala banquet (with live music)(Saturday night)

Come relish in the celebration of hummingbirds! Be sure to claim your tickets ASAP while they are available. Click the button below to go to our new website. Click the “Festival” tab, then “Tickets”, and you’ll be on your way!



The International Hummingbird Society needs your help to make the festival a success. If you are interested in helping, please email us at: festival@hummingbirdsociety.org or call us at:

(928) 284-2251


See our presenters’ full biographies on our new website under festival tab (Also, check out our April 2022 E-Newsletter on our website to see four other presenters that will be featured in this year’s festival! (Click button above.)

Carole Turek Picture .jpg

Carole Turek, M.D.

Magnificent Obsession:

 The Quest to Photograph Every Hummingbird Species

___Carole attended our hummingbird festival one year and was motivated by hearing Juan Bahamon’s presentation.

___From that inspiration and a first-hand knowledge of feeding hummingbirds, grew an obsession to find and photograph every species.

She has been traveling to many remote places on a quest to do so, starting with the most endangered hummingbird species first.

She will share her adventurous experiences in many remote places of Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Costa Rica with her fabulous images and stories. 

___The hummingbirds truly hold a special ‘spot’ in her heart. 

You can see her story on her amazing website:

Hummingbird Spot

Rich Armstrong Picture.jpg

Rich Armstrong

Birds of the Verde Valley

___Sit back and enjoy a fast paced tour of a full year of birding the Verde Valley where about 300 bird species have been seen. Imagine many great locations, see many great photos, enjoy a few humorous stories, and find out what birds you could see!

Jacques Ducros Picture.jpg

Jacques Ducros, M.D.

Hummingbirds: New Insights into their food and metabolism

___A large part of the presentation reports my breeding experience. In particular the amounts of nectar, sugars, proteins, calories consumed by my hummingbirds in particular during reproduction when a mother is setting and when she feeds her chicks. The results show that lighter hummingbirds have a higher metabolism than heavier species. The consumption of food is greater than in the wild, probably because they do not have to move around to find nectar and they have unlimited food.

Charles W. Melton .jpg

Charles Melton

Amazing Arizona Hummingbirds

___Arizona has a dazzling array of hummingbirds and this program will reveal just how beautiful and fascinating they are. For each species of hummingbird that occurs in Arizona we will discuss identification tips, when and where they occur, and some of their amazing behaviors such as nesting, feeding, bathing, and courtship. Some tips on how to photograph hummingbirds will also be discussed.

Karen Krebbs Smaller Photo.jpg

Karen Krebbs 

The Exciting Night Life of Bats!

___Karen has studied bats for more than 35 years. Learn about this exciting and unique nocturnal mammal and how it is so successful as a predator and pollinator. There are more than 1,100 species of bats that occur worldwide. Bats are an important part of our ecosystems and deserve our respect and admiration. Echolocation allows a bat to fly in total darkness to locate, chase, and capture flying insects. Bridges and other human structures are important roost habitat for many species of bats. Nectar bats visit and pollinate columnar cactus and succulents in our area. Learn about the 28 species of bats that live right here in Arizona.


Lucia Paulina Gonzalez Redo Photo.PNG

Lucia Paulina Gonzalez-Gomez

Amazing Hummingbirds in a Changing World

___Abstract: Hummingbirds possess remarkable physiological and behavioral characteristics. In relation to their body size, they present the highest metabolic rate among vertebrates, and their flight style (hovering) is extremely expensive. To pay this cost, they eat large amounts of nectar, fiercely defend flowers, and remember where flowers are and will provide the next nectar batch.

___Hummingbirds can also save energy entering in hibernation-like state at night. Despite these characteristics that help them to cope with environmental variability, many hummingbird species are highly sensitive to perturbations such as climate change and human disturbance. For example, the Chilean Woodstar hummingbird (Eulidia yarrellii) inhabiting the oases in the Atacama Desert, has declined to extremely low numbers (~300 individuals total). In this talk we will discuss the possible causes for this population decline, and the difficulties around conservation efforts. 

Gail Morris.jpg

Gail Morris

Four-winged Wonders Loved by All

___Brilliant orange monarch butterflies share the sky with hummingbirds on their migration each fall visiting flowers to refuel along the way. These fragile winged wonders are facing challenges and you can help. Join us to learn about the flight of the monarch in the Western United States: Where they breed, where they migrate, and how you can help them on their way in your own back yard.

Sheri L. Williamson Presenter.PNG

Sheri Williamson

Hummingbirds: Their Past, Their Present, Our Future

___Hummingbirds have endured in recognizable form for over 30 million years, escaping a mysterious extinction in their original home, claiming the entire Western Hemisphere as their new empire, and diversifying into over 350 known species. Yet for all their luck, pluck, and perseverance over the eons, these tiny warriors are facing new challenges that are devastating many once-common species and threatening the very existence of the rarest.

___What are the threats facing hummingbirds today, and what can hummingbird lovers do to help ensure their survival through the 21st century and beyond?

Scott Rashid Photo.jpg

Scott Rashid

Small Mountain Owls

___Scott will be discussing the natural history of the Northern Pygmy-Owl, Northern Saw-whet Owl Flammulated Owl and the Boreal Owl.

He will cover their habitat preferences, courtship, nesting habits, egg laying, food preferences, a description of the young, and the fledgling and post fledging activities of each species.

___He has been studying owls for years, and has written the only book ever published that covers these four species; entitled Small Mountain Owls. 


Gamini Ratnavira Picture 2.jpg

Gamini Ratnavira

___Sri-Lankan-American wildlife artist, Gamini will be exhibiting his original paintings of hummingbirds and giving a talk on completing his paintings of 350 hummingbird species of the world. A portion of the proceeds from the sale Gamini’s art will be donated to The International Hummingbird Society. Check out his website below.

Gamini Ratnavira
Kate McKeough Hummingbird Blue Dreamcatcher.jpg


Kate McKeough

___Kate has created unique crystal window chandeliers and suncatchers, beaded with antique, vintage and new crystal prisms, geodes, gemstones, quality beads, crystal and lampwork cloisonné; Swarovski gold/chrome and rhinestone hummingbirds and various pendants, on hand-woven dreamcatchers or crystal focals and ball prisms.

Wendy Dalton - OhYarnKnit.jpg

Oh Yarnknit and Dye Studio and Colibri Creations

Wendy Dalton 

___The studio is independently owned and operated by Wendy, who will present luxurious hand-dyed yarn inspired by the colors of specific hummingbird species. Wendy loves playing with bright vibrant color saturation and the hummingbirds lend themselves well to this passion. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Colibri Creation Series will be donated to the Hummingbird Society.


Oh YarnKnit
Focus Frog Hummingbird Picture 2 birds.jpg

Focus Frog

Cindy Walpole and Chuck Fritsch

___Focus Frog offers exquisite photography-based fine art prints of hummingbirds in flight. They also offer a soft cover book containing 31 full color hummingbird images and hummingbird greeting cards.

Focus Frog

Stay tuned for our June and July newsletter for more vendors, hummingbird banding, garden tour, etc. announcments!

We Can’t Wait to See You at this Year’s Festival!

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