Aqua Dulce Birding Trip Report

Hello Everyone,

Linda and I look forward to visiting the Laguna Mountains in the Spring as it can be a very productive and pretty birding destination.

On Saturday, 16 of us took the usual trail with a detour because the regular path was overgrown with wildflowers and grass.  We followed the stream to where it crosses the trail and from that juncture, we turned around.

We encountered many of the expected altitude birds including pygmy nuthatches, dark eyed juncos and mountain chickadees.

The more infrequent encounters included the Western Tanager and Lawrence’s Goldfinch.  

Mosquitoes were minimal but I got bit by a couple deerflies.

We ended our PAS encounter with lunch at the desert overlook, we had a very pleasant day.

I have included the link to our ebird report at the bottom of the page.

Thank you, 

Gerry Baade

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