As Spring Arrives, Breeding Season Begins On The Bird Cams

Learn Who’s Who On The Manakin Cam

Learn about the male manakins on cam.
Learn about the male Lance-tailed Manakins and why they form display
partnerships in this informational highlight.

New Perspectives On The Barred Owl Cam

Watch The Female Barred Owl Poke Out Of The Nest Box
This year on the Barred Owl cam, we launched a new exterior view. Enjoy
this clip as the female takes a break from incubating her 3 eggs, setting
off a chorus of alarm calls.

Two Eggs In The Red-tailed Hawk Nest

Watch Big Red Tend To Her Two Eggs
On the Red-tailed Hawk cam, Big Red tends to her two eggs in the nest. Another egg could arrive in the next 24 hours!

Cahow Cam Chick Getting Bigger By The Day

Watch Jeremy check up on the cahow chick.
On March 14, Bermuda Petrel expert Jeremy Madeiros conducted a health check on the 12-day-old chick in this clip from our partners at Nonsuch Expeditions.

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