Audubon Newsletter: Binocular Guide, Turkey Troubles, Book Giveaway

8 Wild Turkey | Andrew Zuckerman

Wild Turkey (Photo by Andrew Zuckerman)

Wild Turkey on the Rocks?

The reintroduction of America’s beloved holiday fowl has been one of conservation’s greatest triumphs—but now some populations are plummeting. What’s going on? Read More→

Western Bluebird | Dave McMullen/Flickr Creative Commons

Western Bluebirds eat vineyard insects. (Photo by Dave McMullen/ Flickr Creative Commons)

10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Birds

Birds awaken us to nature, control pests, and do so much more. Whether you’re eating turkey or Tofurky this Thanksgiving, raise a glass to wild birds, and to the many ways they enrich our lives—and support our very existence. Read More→

Binocular Illustration | Serge Bloch

(Illustration by Serge Bloch)

The 2014 Audubon Guide to Binoculars

When it comes to birdwatching, what you choose to look through makes all the difference. There are great options in every price range, but the binocular market is also littered with junk. This guide will help you make the right choice. Read More→

Get Involved

Red Knots | Cláudio Dias Timm/ Flickr Creative Commons Illustration | Charley Harper

Red Knots (Photo by Cláudio Dias Timm/ Flickr Creative Commons)

(Illustration by Charley Harper)

Save Shorebirds

Urge Officials to Protect Red Knots

The Red Knot, which migrates an astounding 9,000 miles twice a year, is at risk from declining food sources and stopover habitat. Eastern North American populations have fallen by 75 percent since the 1980s. Tell the Fish and Wildlife Service you support listing these birds under the Endangered Species Act.

Take Action Now

Book Giveaway

Win Charley Harper’s Birds & Words

As a thank-you to all our devoted friends and activists, we’re giving away five copies of a reissue of Charley Harper’s 1974 classic. This book, which AMMO Books has reproduced in its original format and with fully restored images, is a must-have for any bird lover. Enter here→

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