Big Morongo April 29 / King Bed Reservations at Travelodge $108.29

Our Big Morongo Day is almost upon us. We have chosen a later weekend this year for the trip, so all the migrating birds that Big Morongo is famous for should be present. Amongst many more, these include Bullock’s Oriel, Summer Oriel, Western Tanager, Vermillion Flycatcher, Yellow-breasted Chat, Brown-crested Flycatcher, Western Wood Pewee, Lawrence’s Goldfinch, Ladder-back Woodpecker, Gamble’s Quail, Blue Grosbeak…. It’s a longer drive, but a greater reward. Big Morongo is a wonderful place for those with limited mobility because the fourteen feeders at the host’s trailer attract a multitude of different birds that gleefully feed upon the grape jelly, oranges, seeds and suet that are presented to them. Bring a lunch to enjoy while spotting these birds.

Want more? Then spend Saturday night at Yucca Valley Travelodge, just ten more minutes down the road. In the late afternoon, but before Happy Hour, we will go to the Blackrock Canyon Campground in search of the often sited Scott’s Oriel and the Pinyon Jay. After Happy Hour we’ll go to Las Casitas Nuevas Restaurant to have some great Mexican Food and wait for the Great Horn Owl to land on his usual perch. In the morning, after our free breakfast, but before check out, we will convoy around the residential neighborhood to the NW where Cactus Wren should be sited even before we get in our cars, followed by dozens of Gamble’s Quail, several California Thrashers and Phainopeplas and the occasional Roadrunner. Let me know if your in, then send me a check and I will put your name under one of the four additional rooms I have already booked at the Travelodge.

Regards & still Flyin’ High

Doug Walkley

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