Bird Cams eNews Flash: Fluffy Albatross Chick on Our Newest Cam

The wet, downy chick is nearly free of the egg. 

Our latest cam features one big albatross and one very small one.

Watch an Albatross Family Grow—Live From Hawaii

We’re betting this is the smallest albatross you’ll ever see: a three-day-old Laysan Albatross chick on our newest Bird Cam. Two months ago, its parents built a nest on the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii, and started taking turns incubating. We visited last week to install one of our high-definition nest cameras just as the chick began to pip out of its egg. (Watch now)

Don’t miss this chance to watch a new life develop into an animal whose elegance, power, and beauty have inspired cultures across the North Pacific and sailors from around the world. Our pan-tilt-zoom camera offers great views of the beautifully marked adults and the wispy-feathered chick alike. Watch the parents shelter and feed the chick as it grows—from less than six inches long today to a bird with a wingspan of almost seven feet by the time it fledges, in July.

We’ll be chronicling the birds’ activities on Twitter (@AlbatrossCam)—please add your own observations to the conversation, and share your screen captures in our Flickr Bird Cams Group. You can learn more about Laysan Albatross in our species guide and through our albatross nest FAQs.

We’ll continue to post updates on the Bird Cams Facebook page and on Twitter at @birdcams. Thank you for watching and for your continued support!


The Bird Cams Team.



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