Bird Cams eNews: Heron Highlights Slideshow, Ospreys Fledging

Bird Cams eNews

Relive the best moments of the 2013 breeding season

Heron Highlights

Amid crashing thunderstorms, sweltering heat, and cool foggy mornings, the Great Blue Herons of Sapsucker Woods raised a boisterous trio of young herons this season. Whether you’ve watched from the very beginning or only discovered them as fledging began, you can look back at the beauty, humor, and wonder of the herons in this slideshow.

The Bird Cams community was instrumental in posting screencaps to the online Flickr image group dedicated to the cams, and our moderators kept everyone posted via Twitter, the live chat, and by moving the pan-tilt-zoom cam for all to enjoy. Thank you all for an amazing experience.

New Heron Chat Hours

For the remainder of the season, our live chat will be open for two-hour blocks beginning at 6:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 6:00 p.m. Eastern time. Stop in, say hello, and watch the young herons foraging as the leaves slowly change color.

Hellgate's Osprey nestlings are almost ready to fledge!

Hellgate Ospreys Near First Flights

The young Ospreys at the Hellgate Canyon nest are now almost 50 days old. They’re looking more like adults with each passing day thanks to the constant supply of fish from their parents and the nearby Clark Fork River. Their neighbors at the Dunrovin Osprey nest fledged over two weeks ago at roughly 52 days of age, so it’s likely that the Hellgate nestlings may take their first flight soon-don’t miss it! Watch the nest.

Montana Osprey ProjectMontana Osprey Project Podcast

As in past years, both the Hellgate and Dunrovin nests have been banded and are part of the Montana Osprey Project, a long-term study of Osprey ecology and heavy metal contamination in the Clark Fork River watershed of western Montana. Learn more about the project in this great podcast produced by their team, and keep tuning in to see the young Ospreys visiting the nest even after they’ve fledged.


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