Birdwalk at Los Jilgueros and Live Oak Park

Although the day seemed to started out slow, we were all pleased that the final count came out at 53! Afterwards, 24 of the group drove just another mile or so to feast on a wonderful buffet lunch at our place (if I do say so myself).

Here is our specie list, compared to our list of the previous year:

Specie 12/16/17 12/17/16
Acorn Woodpecker x x
Allen’s Hummingbird x x
American Coot x x
American Crow x x
American Kestrel x
American Robin x
American Wigeon x x
Anna’s Hummingbird x x
Band-tailed Pigeon x x
Belted Kingfisher x
Bewick’s Wren x
Black Phoebe x x
Bufflehead x
Bushtit x x
Cal Towhee x x
California Scrub Jay x x
Cassin’s Kingbird x x
Cedar Waxwing x
Cinnamon Teal x
Common Gallinule x
Common Yellowthroat x x
Cooper’s Hawk x
Dark-eyed Junco x
Eurasian Collared-dove x
European Starling x x
Gadwall x
Great Egret x x
Green Heron x
Green-winged teal x
Hermit Thrush x
House Finch x x
Killdeer x
Lark Sparrow x
Lesser Goldfinch x x
Lesser Scaup x
Mallard x x
Mountain Chickadee x
Mourning Dove x x
Northern Mockingbird x x
Northern Shoveler x
Nutall’s Woodpecker x x
Oak Titmouse x x
Orange-crowned Warbler x x
Phanopepla x x
Pied-billed Grebe x x
Purple Finch x
Red-shouldered Hawk x x
Red-tailed Hawk x x
Red-winged Blackbird x x
Ring-necked Duck x
Ruby-crowned Kinglet x x
Rudy Duck x x
Say’s Phoebe x x
Sharp-shinned Hawk x
Snowy Egret x
Song Sparrow x x
Sora x
Spotted Towhee x x
Townsend’s Warbler x
Turkey Vulture x x
Western Bluebird x x
White-breasted Nuthatch x x
White-crowned Sparrow x x
White-throated Sparrow x
Wrentit x
Yellow-rumped Warbler x x
53 51

Trip Leader:  Doug Walkley

For the photographers on the walk, please send photos you are willing to share to……Thanks, Webmaster

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