Burrowing Owls Need Your Help


An Invitation to Join Friends of Pomona Valley Burrowing Owls

Burrowing Owls are small owls that use underground burrows for nest sites and shelter. At one time these owls were very common in California and, even as recently as 10 years ago, they were a common sight in the Pomona Valley. However, loss of habitat, the use of pesticides, and the killing of burrow-excavating ground squirrels have drastically reduced their numbers. They are in danger of disappearing from their native habitat in our area.

The goal of our Eyes and Ears on Burrowing Owls Project is to maintain a healthy, viable breeding population of Burrowing Owls in the Pomona Valley. We monitor nesting success of the owls, identify threats to their survival, work to improve and protect the sites where the owls currently nest, and collaborate with other groups who are interested in owl conservation.

You can help the owls by becoming a Friend of Pomona Valley Burrowing Owls. No experience necessary! You will receive occasional news about the owls and about opportunities to participate. Our success in protecting the owls depends on having a large group of owl-lovers who are willing to sign a petition or send an email or letter to support our local owls if loss of their habitat or other threats are imminent. The more people who are aware of and care about the owls, the better chance that city and county administrators, corporations, and other property owners will pay attention to owl protection.

To join Friends of PV Burrowing Owls, send an email to Pomona Valley Audubon Society at pomonavalleyaudubon@gmail.com with your name, contact information, and any other information you would like to share about your experiences with Burrowing Owls.


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