Cornell Lab Launches Interactive Website “All About Bird Biology”

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A companion of the, this new website from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology explores the behavior, anatomy and evolution of bird feathers.

Jessica Pineda

While “All About Bird Biology” focuses more on bird feathers as of this update, there are videos covering other topics, including how parrots learn their names in the wild, a feature we covered here.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has launched an interactive website that explores bird biology, called “All About Bird Biology.” The website provides custom art and videos, Powerpoint downloads of illustrations and animations (a great resource for teachers), as well as a video library that features 90-plus videos on birds.

All About Bird Biology website

A look at the “All About Biology” website.

“All About Feathers” is the first portion of the “All About Bird Biology” website.  According to the website, it is “brought to you by the education program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology[.] ‘All About Bird Biology’ is here to inspire you to learn more about birds and biology. Developed as a companion site to our popular ‘All About Birds’ species guide, we’re here to take you deeper into the fascinating lives of birds and highlight what they teach us about biology.”

The website explores the behavior, anatomy, evolution, ecology and conservation of birds. While specifically focused on feathers, some videos feature information on bird songs, etc. Upcoming features will include information about bird songs, and fancy males.


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