Cuyamaca Paso SP Picacho Campground Field Trip Results


Hi Good Friends,On Saturday June 11, ten birders walked around Cuyamaca SP Paso Picacho Campground where we found 44 bird species.The weather was very hot and we had to put up with a lot of flying insects. We found lots of Acorn Woodpeckers, Violet-green Swallows, House Wrens, and Spotted Towhees.Many thanks go out to Mary Jo Hayes and Tsaiwei Olee for taking some nice photos. Checkout Mary Jo’s eBird checklist:

Here’s our bird species list:California QuailTurkey VultureRed-shouldered HawkRed-tailed HawkBand-tailed PigeonMourning DoveAnna’s HummingbirdAllen’s HummingbirdAcorn WoodpeckerNuttall’s WoodpeckerNorthern FlickerOlive-sided FlycatcherWestern Wood-PeweePacific-slope FlycatcherAsh-throated FlycatcherSteller’s JayCalifornia Scrub-JayAmerican CrowCommon RavenPurple MartinTree SwallowViolet-green SwallowMountain ChickadeeOak TitmouseWhite-breasted NuthatchPygmy NuthatchHouse WrenWrentitWestern BluebirdAmerican RobinCalifornia ThrasherSpotted TowheeCalifornia TowheeBlack-chinned SparrowSong SparrowDark-eyed JuncoBlack-headed GrosbeakLazuli BuntingBullock’s OrioleHouse FinchPurple FinchLesser GoldfinchLawrence’s GoldfinchJIM BECKMAN Trip Leader

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