Don’t Miss Out on Fall Migration

National Audubon Society
Autumn can fly by, and with it, the opportunity to enjoy the parade of migrating birds overhead. No matter what flyway you are in, fall migration promises to be the can’t-miss event of the season. Join in the excitement with these tips and activities.

Bird Migration Quiz: The migratory journeys birds embark on end in destinations impressive and sometimes surprising. Take our quiz to see if you know where your feathered friends spend their winters.

Eight Great Fall Birding Trails: Specially selected for their stunning landscapes and ideal migration views, these trails from across the country are unforgettable spots for birders throughout the autumn months.

How to Tell Hawks Apart: Fall’s migrating raptors are sure to be a highlight of many birder’s seasons. With these tips, you can become an expert in identifying the ever-confusing question: Cooper’s or Sharp-shinned Hawk?

Make Your Windows Migration-Friendly: As exciting as fall migration is, we cannot forget the risks, including window collisions. With this DIY activity, you can make the journey a little easier for the birds we all know and love.

An Ode to the Birds That Stay: Don’t forget about the birds that stick around. Join in the appreciation for our steadfast, winter-braving friends.

In the coming months, our skies will be filled with the movement of billions of wings, big and small, and you don’t want to miss it.

Don't Miss Out


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