Easy Ways to Welcome Nesting Birds

Easy Ways to Welcome Nesting Birds

Happy Garden for Wildlife Month! This is a special time of the year to rally gardeners, wildlife lovers and anyone interested in going the extra mile for local birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

For many gardeners, there’s no greater thrill than to have a family of birds take up residence in your yard. And because May is a crucial nesting time for many birds, now is a great time to ensure your yard welcomes these feathered friends.

Providing nesting materials can make your garden very appealing to nesting birds.

Some bird-friendly favorites that you can find your own yard include:

  • Twigs (under 4 inches long)
  • Greenery (soft plant matter found on maples, willows, and other trees and shrubs)
  • Fluff (like cottonwood trees or lamb’s ear)
  • Mud
  • Dry Grass
  • Moss

You can also create nesting boxes with these great tips or purchase wildlife-friendly boxes from many stores, including theNational Wildlife Catalog.

Bird feeding can be a valuable addition to your wildlife gardening. You are especially welcome to learn how, with your enthusiasm for backyard birds and wildlife, you can enroll your yard as a Certified Wildlife Habitat® — right at home!

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