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eBird is Mobile and Global
We are delighted to offer eBird Mobile for both iOS and Android, available in 8 languages worldwide. eBird data entry in the palm of your hand, anywhere you go, completely free. Read the full story on eBird.

eBird Photo of the Month

The Cinereous Owl, currently considered a subspecies of the Barred Owl, is a poorly known Mexican taxon that likely represents a distinct species. Andrew Spencer recently added the first photos and recordings ever taken of this bird to eBird via the eBird/Macaulay media upload tool. Check them out here!

eBird and Christmas Bird Counting

December is here, and with it comes Christmas Bird Counts (CBCs). As part of your CBC efforts, we encourage you to submit your sightings to eBird. Consult our Guide to eBirding CBCs to learn the best data entry practices.


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