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Distinguishing female Purple Finch from female Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Learn how to distinguish a female Purple Finch (left) from a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak (right) in the Tricky ID section of our website and in Winter Bird Highlights 2015, Photos by Bob Vuxinic.

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September 30, 2015

The first day to count is November 14

The first day to count birds for the 2015-16 FeederWatch season is November 14. Data entry will open for the new season on November 1. This year the season runs through April 8. If you haven’t already, sign up right away to be sure your kit arrives in time for the start of the season. We look forward to hearing about the birds coming to your feeders!

Winter Bird Highlights 2015 now online

The 2015 issue of Winter Bird Highlights, our summary of the 2014-15 season, is now available online as a PDF. Participants who opted out of receiving a kit already received an email notification. All other project participants who signed up for the 2015-16 season will receive a copy of Winter Bird Highlights in their kits. In the U.S., if you received a kit last season but have not yet renewed for this season, we will include Winter Bird Highlights with your fall issue of eitherLiving Bird magazine (for Lab members) or the Cornell Lab’sAll About Birds newsletter.

New Tricky ID page: female Rose-breasted Grosbeak vs. Purple Finch

In the 2015 issue of Winter Bird Highlights, we showed how to distinguish a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak from a female Purple Finch. We added the information to the Tricky IDsection of our website, with additional photos we couldn’t fit in the publication. Learn how to tell these two very similar-looking birds apart.

FeederWatcher shares what she learned

Check out the FeederWatch blog to read about lessons learned by  FeederWatcher and freelance writer Susan Wider. In this guest blog post, Susan shares how she and her husband sharpened their observation skills and transformed their bird watching through Project FeederWatch.

Updated slideshow

Our Project FeederWatch slideshow is now updated and available to download from our website. View both of our slideshows as well as “buttons” you can add to your website to help spread the word.

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