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October 16, 2013

New website!

Our website received a long overdue facelift this summer. Special thanks go to our citizen science designer, Kevin Ripka, who created all the beautiful designs and interactive features. With the new design, we have added several new features:

New Photo Upload tool

You can now submit photos through our website rather than by email, and the new tool will allow far more photos to be displayed than ever before. The tool also allows us to take in entries for our BirdSpotter photo contest via our website, making it available to everyone. More information about the contest coming soon.

New Common Feeder Birds interactive tool

We have turned our information about what to feed birds into a new tool that shows you which birds are most common in your region of the country and what feeders work best with the foods they eat. This dynamic tool lets you pick and choose!

Newly designed Tricky IDs pages

So far we have two of our Tricky IDs pages up, with more on the way. The new design makes these pages easier to understand, with side by side photos for each field mark.

Winter Bird Highlights 2013 now online

The 2013 issue of Winter Bird Highlights, our summary of the 2012-13 season, is now available online as a pdf.

Data Entry opens Nov. 1, first day to count is Nov. 9

We will be rolling out newly designed data entry pages on November 1. Kevin created amazing visualizations of your personal data and streamlined some of the data entry process. Log in November 1 to set up your count site and look at data you submitted in past years. November 9 is the first day to count for the 2013-14 season.


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