Field Trip Report Santee Lakes


Hi Good Friends,On Saturday morning, August 13, twenty birders walked around Santee Lakes. Tom Trowbridge was our trip leader, and Gail DeLalla kept track of the birds we found. We found 40 bird species. The weather was very hot and humid. I think we were all happy when the walk ended and we could sit at the picnic tables in the shade! We saw lots of Mallards, Wood Ducks, Bushtits, and Great-tailed Grackles. The best bird of the day was watching a juvenile Green Heron walking along the lake shore.Checkout Gail’s eBird checklist along with some nice photos of the birds we found: thanks to our photographers: Gail DeLalla, Cathie Canepa, and Tsaiwee Olee.Here is our bird species list:Canada GooseWood DuckMallardCinnamon TealRing-necked DuckGreater ScaupPied-billed GrebeGreat Blue HeronGreat EgretSnowy EgretGreen HeronTurkey VultureOspreyRed-shouldered HawkRed-tailed HawkAmerican CootEurasian Collared-DoveMourning DoveAnna’s HummingbirdAcorn WoodpeckerNuttall’s WoodpeckerBlack PhoebeCassin’s KingbirdCalifornia Scrub-JayAmerican CrowCommon RavenBushtitWestern BluebirdNorthern MockingbirdEuropean StarlingCommon YellowthroatLark SparrowSong SparrowRed-winged BlackbirdGreat-tailed GrackleHooded OrioleHouse FinchLesser GoldfinchHouse SparrowScaly-breasted MuniaJIM BECKMAN

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