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March 10, 2015

Western Meadowlark, Chuck Gibson, Kansas, 2015 GBBC

GBBC 2015  Overview

You did it! Once again participants from around the world set new records for the number of species identified during the four days of the Great Backyard Bird Count and for the number of checklists submitted.

Total checklists: 147,265 (up 3,156)
Total species: 5,090 (up 794)
Estimated participants: 143,941 (up 1,890)

Looking for Boreal Chickadees. Gordon Atkins, Michigan, 2015 GBBC

Bad weather really had an impact on participation in the heavily populated northeastern quadrant of the United States and across Canada. Bitter temperatures, snow, and high winds produced a noticeable drop in the number of checklists submitted from those regions. Kudos to those who braved the elements to count (humans) and be counted (the birds)! And congratulations to our outstanding performers across the globe. Below are the Top 10 countries ranked by number of checklists submitted:

Country Number of Species Number of Checklists
United States 671 108,396
Canada 241 10,491
India 717 6,810
Australia 524 812
Mexico 653 425
Costa Rica 559 303
Portugal 197 193
New Zealand 126 161
Ecuador 784 138
Honduras 353 133

Read the 2015 GBBC summary on the website.

Do some more exploring on your own. How many Snowy Owls were reported in your state or province? Did Pine Siskins show up in your county? How many species were identified in your country? Use the “Explore a Region” tool to find out.

Still Have Checklists to Enter?

Although data entry has been closed on the GBBC website, you can still enter any lingering lists by going directly to the eBird online checklist program at You can use the same user name and password (which you have carefully saved for next year). Any observations entered in eBird for the GBBC dates, February 13-16, 2015, will be part of the count.

Great Horned Owl, Robert Strickland, Florida, 2015 GBBC

We Get the Picture

More than 4,000 images were uploaded for the GBBC photo contest this year including the magnificent Great Horned Owl image above. It will take some time to sort though all of them and choose winners in our six categories. We’ll announce the top finishers just before the next GBBC. In the meantime, enjoy the more than 2,000 images posted to the GBBC online photo gallery.


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