Get Your Garden Ready for Spring Visitors!

Get Your Garden Ready for Spring Visitors!

Garden for Wildlife Month is just a few short days away!

With springtime in full bloom and people everywhere getting outside into their gardens, we’ve designated May Garden for Wildlife Month. May is a critical time for many wildlife species. Weary birds and monarch butterflies are returning from winter migration and many other species are looking for habitat for nesting, egg laying and giving birth to their babies. So it’s also the perfect time to get your garden ready for these spring visitors.

This spring is a particularly critical time for native habitat to be planted. Monarchs, whose numbers have declined by over 90 percent, are indicators of the stressors put on all pollinators. These declines are a result of loss of habitat due to agricultural practices, development, and cropland conversion.

But you can help in your own backyard!

By simply providing native milkweed and nectar-providing flowers, you meet 3 of the 5 essential elements necessary to be recognized as a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. Once certified, you will become part of a national movement of wildlife gardeners and backyard activists creating corridors of urban, suburban and rural habitat. Your support through certification will also help NWF’s efforts to create a National Pollinator Garden Network in which millions of Americans plant pollinator habitat where they live, work, play, learn and worship.​

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Click to see why you should turn your outdoor space into an official Certified Wildlife Habitat® site in celebration of Garden for Wildlife Month. (see sidebar for details)


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