Great Places: What Will You Do For Nature this April?

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Migratory birds flying over a flooded farm field. Photo © Nancy Crowley/TNC

Vote: Help CA Fund High-tech Conservation

Many states will compete, and only one will receive funding: Vote for California’s high-tech conservation approach and you’ll be entered to win a vacation for two at our own Pine Butte Guest Ranch in Montana. In California, we use crowdsourced data, satellite images and economics to create critical habitat for migrating birds.

 Connect with Nature this April
Get outside and explore.
Photo © Sergio Pucci

Connect with Nature this April

To help you celebrate Earth Day all month we’ve organized volunteer events and activities around the country to help you get outside, explore and lend a hand in our conservation work.

Child exploring nature. Photo © Kevin Krejci/Flickr via Creative Commons

Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! For those of you who live in cities, you can still show your kids that nature is all around us. Check out these ideas for exploring your city and fostering a love of nature in your urban kids.

The Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands coastline. Photo © CJ Hudlow/TNC

Explore California’s Newest Coastal National Monument

President Obama recently designated the Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands, in Mendocino County, as part of the California Coastal National Monument. The Conservancy originally helped protect this land to ensure the health of the habitat and wildlife it supports, and so that the public could always have access to this dramatic coastline.

Wild lilac. Photo © niicedave/Flickr via Creative Commons

Plant a Drought-tolerant Garden

Springtime is here! Check out these five drought-tolerant natives that can handle California’s dry summers and still look gorgeous.

 Why the Fuss about Monarchs?
Monarch feeding on orange glory, Asclepias tuberosa, a variety of milkweed.
Photo © Lewis Feldkamp

Why the Fuss about Monarchs?

Where have all the monarch butterflies gone? Perhaps you’re noticing fewer monarchs around your yard or city park. Are there really fewer? And why? Our blogger looks at the startling monarch butterfly decline—and what you can do about it.

 Kids Need More Nature
Getting kids out into nature.
Photo © iStock

Parents Worldwide Agree — Kids Need More Nature

A new global survey commissioned by The Nature Conservancy and Disney shows that parents are highly concerned about the lack of time that kids today spend outside in nature. Find out more, and see how the Conservancy’s Nature Rocks program is working to get more kids out into nature.

 Show Your Liquid Courage
A glass of fresh drinking water.
Photo © Kent Mason

Show Your Liquid Courage

It takes guts to take on the global challenges we face, but we all have a role to play in addressing global and local water crises. That’s why The Nature Conservancy has launched a website—called H2.O—to engage new audiences in our freshwater work. Join us, and help give the world a little liquid courage.

 Think You Know How to Conserve Water?
Test your water knowledge.
Photo © Kent Mason

Think You Know How to Conserve Water?

PBS and The Nature Conservancy help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to water conservation. Take this quiz to learn ways you can help conserve this vital resource while saving money in the process!

 Follow Us on WeChat and Protect Nature!
Help The Nature Conservancy with your mobile device right now!
Photo © Long Yongcheng/TNC

Follow Us on WeChat and Protect Nature!

From March 1 through June 30, WeChat USA will donate $5 for every new user who follows Nature_org on WeChat, for up to one million dollars in support! The funds will be used to further the Conservancy’s work around the world, and you’ll get information about our conservation work sent straight to your smartphone.

Photo of the Month
Photo of the Month “The islands will always be a special place for me—a meditative place where I can stop, listen and look inward to find calm and satisfaction.”Read More and Download the Photo as Desktop Wallpaper
Cavern Point Trail on Santa Cruz Island, Channel Islands National Park
Photo © Ian Shive



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