Guajome Regional Park Bird Walk Report February 11, 2023

A very successful bird walk we had on Saturday when 26 birders scoured Guajome to discover 54 species. What was amazing is our growing number of bird photographers who were actually able to capture 43 of them! This provides a clear indication of the direction Birdwatching is going. Turn back the clock a decade or two and there were no cameras around. Now you have to duck to avoid being hit by the long lenses these ladies are hauling around. And, interestingly enough, it was only the ladies that were doing the photography. Thank you, ladies, for your excellent photos. Thank you too, eBird, for providing a site where we can all enjoy these photos.
Of interest was the American Robin count of 60. An eruption, they say. At the lake, the story was told again with masses of Norther Shovelers! It was fun to again see the resident roadrunner. Our group gets quite strung out so we, at the front, were curious as to what those, at the back, were observing. We see Common Gallinules so often there, that we no longer get excited in seeing them. At the same time those candy corn bills are fascinating.
All in all it was a delightful morning with, it seemed to me, growing enthusiasm within our ranks. Our thanks to Steve Ellis for posting our findings on eBird. Here is the eBird List of our findings:
Doug Walkley
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