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2016 Alert #6


Write to Board of Supervisors and 
Help Save San Diego’s Countryside 


Almost exactly one year ago, EHL asked you to write to the Planning Commission to oppose a project that would “blow up” the 2011 General Plan by siting the huge Lilac Hills Ranch development in rural Valley Center. This project was the first of many General Plan amendments that threaten the “smart growth” framework of the General Plan.

When County Supervisor Horn was forced to recuse himself from the vote, the project was stymied. Now, in what could set a terrible precedent for future projects, the applicant seeks to circumvent the standard public approval process with a ballot measure, for which adequate signatures have been gathered.

Instead of immediately placing the measure on the ballot, the Supervisors have the option of first requiring an impact report. This would serve to let the public know about a host of impacts to infrastructure, services, and public safety. It is noteworthy that requirements that the County would have imposed on the project if it had been approved were removed in the ballot measure, and costs of road, safety, and sewer upgrades could now be shifted to the taxpayer.

If Lilac Hills Ranch succeeds, we can be sure that other developers will follow suit.

Action requested

Please write to the Board of Supervisors asking them to require an impact report for Lilac Hills Ranch. This is an important step in eventually defeating the ballot measure.

However, because the July 19 hearing was scheduled at short notice, there is a very short timeline for submitting comments.  Please act today, or July 17, or July 18 before 12 noon.

To make it easy, the organization Save Our San Diego Countryside has created a website from which a prepared message can be sent. Feel free to personalize it.


Thank you for taking quick action, and please pass along



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