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Hi Friends,

I want to call your attention to an opportunity to support our young birders. I’m sending this email to my good birder friends who feel like I do, that our young birders are worthy of our encouragement, and in this case, some financial support.This group is the California Young Birder’s Club. Current active members with ties to our Palomar Audubon Society include Ryan Andrews, Max Leibowitz, Alex Bairstow, and Drew Beamer. Elisa Yang is a 16 year old birder from Orange County and is the founder of the California Young Birder’s Club which started in 2014. She is organizing a “Big Sit Fundraiser” for the club to be held on Saturday, January 14, at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine. The donated funds are collected on a $/species-found pledge basis and will be used for scholarships and field trip expenses for young birders. They have had several San Diego County field trips.

The complete details of the Bid Sit Fundraiser are here:

Pledge for the 2017 Big Sit!

The rules of a big sit are here:

Since 2014, I have observed the progress of this young birder’s club and it has been very impressive. This progress is directly related to the efforts of the club’s leader, Elisa Yang.

Here is a link to her personal website. Please check it out to learn more about her, and please read some of her very informative essays and humorous articles.

To learn more about the club, here’s a link to the California Young Birder’s Club:

And here’s a link to the young birder’s photo section. Many of the fantastic photos are of local San Diego birds and were submitted by Ryan, Max, Alex, or Drew.

Thanks for Your Support!


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