How To Prevent Bird Window Strikes

Bird Friendly Yards

How this “Bird-Friendly Yard” Site is Different

Most bird-friendly yard websites only urge homeowners to add native plants to increase songbird survival. Of course, we do also. But the other sites do not show homeowners how to make their yard safe for birds. This website does. Bird window strikes at residences kill hundreds of millions of birds every year. On average, there are two to ten deaths per year at every home. Once you introduce native plants into your yard and start attracting more birds, you also need to put up window strike protection. If you do not, birds will die hitting your windows and undercut the very purpose of your native plantings. For a full analysis see or Bird Friendly Must Start With A Bird Safe Yard

In this video 4 of my neighbors show the systems they have installed to protect birds against deadly window collisions. Homeowners are most concerned that putting up a system will interfere with their vision. This video addresses that concern.




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