Keep the skies safe for birds over sensitive habitat

National Audubon Society
Keep the skies safe for birds over sensitive habitat


With more and more people taking drones into California’s wild spaces, there is increasing concern about the impacts of unmanned flying devices on birds and other wildlife. Audubon California is sponsoring legislation that will require the state to adopt common sense rules for drone use in wildlife areas.
The California State Assembly will vote on our bill this week. Please send a note to your representative today, encouraging a YES vote.

Assembly Bill 2148, authored by Assembly Member Chris Holden, was introduced following reports of disturbances to birds and habitat caused by drones. This legislation is by no means an attempt to ban the use of drones. Instead, the goal is to establish clear rules about the appropriate use and sites for drones in lands managed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and State Parks. The goal is to ensure a balanced approach that protects particularly sensitive areas that have been set aside to benefit wildlife and the people who enjoy the outdoors.

Please send a note today to your Assembly Member is support of this common sense bill.

Take a moment to write to your Assembly Member today.


Michael Lynes
Public Policy Director
Audubon California

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