Kit Carson Park Birding Report – 8/27/2022


Hello Everyone. Thanks for participating in our Kit Carson birding event that took place on Saturday morning. We had a really good turnout, about 35 people came, some left early and some of you arrived late. 

We had some competition for space as the area high schools had scheduled a track meet. Cars and buses were prevalent, parking wasn’t. Then the runners came. Thundering herds of cross country runners passed us at a couple junctures of our usual path. No incidents fortunately;  the rest of the customary park users were in attendance as well.

Our standout birds were two Green Herons, 100+ Mallards and domestic ducks of various ilks, Western and Cassin’s Kingbirds and a Downy Woodpecker.

Our final species count was 53, I have attached the eBird report compiled by Steve Ellis. Thank you Steve.

Gerry Baade


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