Kit Carson Park – Palomar Audubon Field Trip Report

Hello Friends,

 On Saturday, May 18th, 35 of us met at Kit Carson Park to do one of our entertaining and fun field trips.

At first we experienced May gray and the usual calamity of park users that inhabit a Saturday in Escondido.

 We were met by about 60 mallards all seeking to be fed and were “entertained” by a cover band set up in the park general. We could hear many birds

calling and could see that the day could be productive, Missing were the ring- billed gulls that usually occupy the sand spit but there was still plenty to look

at. Best birds were the Chat we could hear but not see and the Bell’s Vireo we could hear but not see. Cedar Waxwings were hidden well in some of the

park’ trees. Western Flycatchers were allowing themselves to be viewed as were Western Bluebirds. Scrub Jays; absent.

Thanks Steve for compiling our list and to the contributing photographers.

List is attached below. Cheers, Gerry Baade

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