Lake Hodges Bernardo Bay Field Trip Results

Hi Everyone,

On a very warm day and the lake just about dried up, twenty-two birders found 51 bird species.

Here is our list of bird species as reported by our field trip leader, Tom Trowbridge:

American wigeon
Northern shoveler
Ruddy duck
Pied billed grebe
Eared grebe
Western grebe
Clarks grebe
American white pelican
Double crested cormorant
Great blue Herron
Great egret
Snowy egret
Turkey vulture
White tailed kite
Northern harrier
Cooper’s hawk
Red shoulderd hawk
Red tailed hawk
American coot
Black necked stilt
Spotted sandpiper
Western sandpiper
Ringbilled gull
Mourning dove
Greater roadrunner
Long billed do witches
Anna’s hummingbird
Belted kingfisher
Black phoebe
Says phoebe
Cassini kingbird
Loggerhead shrike
Western scrub jay
American crow
Common raven
Rock wren
California gnatcatcher
Western bluebird
Northern mockingbird
California thrasher
European starling
Yellow rumpled warbler
Spotted towhee
California towhee
White crowned sparrow
Red winged blackbird
Brewers blackbird
House finch
Lesser goldfinch
Nuttals woodpecker

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