Lake Hodges Bernardo Bay Trip Report

32 birders enjoyed a bright sunny day. The first third of the walk was very quiet and I was afraid we would not see many birds, but once we got close to the lake things picked up and ended up seeing 55 species. There were many Cassin’s Kingbirds and Yellow-rumped Warblers. Best bird of the day was a California Gnatcatcher, which I had not seen at this location previously.

55 Species:

American Wigeon
Northern Shoveler
Green-winged Teal
Ruddy Duck
Pied-billed Grebe
Eared Grebe
Western Grebe
Clark’s Grebe
Double-crested Cormorant
Great Blue Heron
Great Egret
Snowy Egret
Green Heron
White-faced Ibis
Red-tailed Hawk
American Coot
Black-necked Stilt
Spotted Sandpiper
Long-billed Dowitcher
Ring-billed Gull
Western Gull
California Gull
Greater Roadrunner
Anna’s Hummingbird
Belted Kingfisher
Nuttall’s Woodpecker
American Kestrel
Black Phoebe
Say’s Phoebe
Cassin’s Kingbird
Loggerhead Shrike
American Crow
Common Raven
Tree Swallow
Rock Wren
House Wren
Bewick’s Wren
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
California Gnatcatcher
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
European Starling
Yellow Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler
White-crowned Sparrow
California Towhee
Red-winged Blackbird
Western Meadowlark
House Finch

Leader: Jeff Ebright

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