Make Bird Conservation a Priority in Congress!


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Right now, Congress is working on a budget and bills to fund the government for this year. There is a risk Congress may slash even the most effective bird conservation programs.

The timing couldn’t be worse. Migratory birds are in trouble: Habitat loss and other threats are causing dramatic population declines in species like Blackburnian Warbler (shown). Birds are sensitive indicators of overall environmental health, and the decline of migratory birds signals a potential crisis that Congress must act now to reverse.

In addition, we anticipate numerous budget amendments to cut conservation programs and eliminate environmental protections. One of the “riders” would prohibit funding Endangered Species Act protections for the Greater Sage-Grouse. This would leave the species wihtout a safety net as its numbers rapidly decline.

Please act now! Tell your Senators and Representative: Make protecting migratory birds, endangered species, the Greater Sage-Grouse, and other wildlife a priority. Thank you.

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