Manu Biolodge Bird Volunteer Program Peru

We are a not-for-profit biological station and biolodge in southeast Peru, located where the Amazon meets the Andes, and we’d like to invite your members to help us with our mission to understand and protect the birds of one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. More than 650 bird species have been recorded on eBird here at Manu Biolodge!

As a participant in the Manu Biolodge Bird Volunteer Program, you’ll take part in a range of activities related to building a bird haven, bioacoustics, surveying and science communication – all while living at our 3,000-hectare conservation area surrounded by pristine tropical jungles.

This is an excellent opportunity for birders who want to do more than just list, whether they be budding ornithologists or simply passionate bird-lovers wanting the chance to contribute to avian conservation.

If you are able to share this opportunity with your members at Palomar Audubon, we would be highly appreciative.

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