Oppose developement in San Diego wildlands


Please Oppose Project that

Undermines the North County MSCP


The Newland Sierra project would break apart a core habitat area for the future North County Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP). Only a third of the site – not enough – would remain intact, and wildlife movement would be blocked from moving across Interstate 15. The County would exempt the project from the Resources Protection Ordinance without any showing of equivalency. The applicant has refused to modify the project, despite wildlife agency requests.

Located beyond Escondido, Newland Sierra would lock in over 2000 units of automobile dependent sprawl – none of them affordable – and their greenhouse gas emissions. The County’s General Plan for orderly growth would be dismantled. Further, a recent court order has thrown into question the project’s proposed mitigation for greenhouse gases.

Action requested

Please contact the Board of Supervisors, which will hear the project on September 26, 2018. If you can attend the hearing and testify, it is at 9 AM at 1600 Pacific Highway.

Write to:

Kristin Gaspar <Kristin.Gaspar@sdcounty.ca.gov>, Dianne Jacob <Dianne.Jacob@sdcounty.ca.gov>, Ron Roberts <Ron-Roberts@sdcounty.ca.gov>, Greg Cox <Greg.Cox@sdcounty.ca.gov>, Bill Horn <Bill.Horn@sdcounty.ca.gov>





September 19, 2018

Kristin Gaspar, Chair
San Diego County Board of Supervisors
1600 Pacific Highway
San Diego, CA 92001

RE:  Newland Sierra project, Hearing date: Sept. 26, 2018 –– OPPOSITION

Dear Chairperson Garpar and Members of the Board:

Please deny the Newland Sierra proposal.  This is the wrong direction for our County.

Here’s why:

  • The project would dismantle the General Plan, which calls for orderly growth rather than sprawl.
  • The North County MSCP would be severely damaged and wildlife movement cut off.
  • Exemptions from RPO are uncalled for and unjustified, with no equivalency.
  • No affordable housing – that which is actually needed – would result.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions would be locked in by automobile dependency and there is no legally defensible mitigation in place.

Thank you



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