Owl Bet You Find These Stories Interesting…


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Owl Bet You Find These Stories Interesting…

Winter is prime time for owls, and they have definitely captured our interest this year, with snowy owls popping up as far south as Florida and Bermuda.

Here are 5 stories about these amazing birds:

How to Enjoy Owls in Winter (or Anytime)

Will President Obama Make the Right Decision for Caribou and Polar Bears?

Caribou habitat destruction and carbon pollution equivalent to that of 6 million cars will result from approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Learn more about the latest assessment of the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline.

A Victory for Wildlife in the New Farm Bill

After three years, thanks to the support of friends of wildlife like you, we have a Farm Bill that benefits wildlife and conservation.

Find out three ways this bill protects wildlife.

Dead Mountain Lion Kittens Show Need for Wildlife Crossings

Three mountain lion kittens were recently found dead on the side of California highways.

Find out why wildlife crossings are so important in urban areas.

Are Seahawks a Real Bird?

The football team won it all last month, but real seahawks win for being really neat birds.

Score points with these seahawk facts.

Oil from Deepwater Horizon is Poisoning Gulf Tuna

New research shows tuna are suffering long-term heart damage from the 2010 spill.

Make sure BP fines go toward Gulf restoration.


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