Palomar Audubon Bird Trip to Live Oak Park and Los Silguero’s

Mr. Weatherman threatened us, and I am sure scared many birders away completely. However, the weather, as it usually does, held for all allowing nineteen enthusiastic birders (including an excited and very knowledgeable ten year old named Luca) to have another successful day in the Fallbrook area. 
Our first stop was Live Oak Park where we discovered 24 species including the seldom seen Band-tailed Pigeon but a regular at Live Oak. It is always nice to see the White-breasted Nuthatch and the Oak Titmouse.
The second stop was Los Jilgueros where we saw 29 species. Two different sightings of a phenopeplia, male then female, were good to see so late in the year. I guess they were preparing the mistletoe for Christmas. The appearance of the common gallinule in the upper pond, together with several species of ducks, rounded out the morning nicely.
Afterward we all were blessed with good food and drink, all homemade by Mrs. Walkley.
Collectively we saw 40 species.

Los Jilgueros: 29 Species observed,  135 individuals


  1. Number observed:3
  2. Number observed:6
  3. Number observed:8
  4. Number observed:2
  5. Number observed:1
  6. Number observed:5
  7. Number observed:2
  8. Number observed:1
  9. Number observed:2
  10. Number observed:20
  11. Number observed:2
  12. Number observed:2
  13. Number observed:1
  14. Number observed:2
  15. Number observed:1
  16. Number observed:1
  17. Number observed:3
  18. Number observed:6
  19. Number observed:30
  20. Number observed:1
  21. Number observed:1
  22. Number observed:1
  23. Number observed:1
  24. Number observed:12
  25. Number observed:7
  26. Number observed:2
  27. Number observed:5
  28. Number observed:5
  29. Number observed:2

Live Oak Park: 24 Species observed, 132 individuals


  1. Number observed:15
  2. Number observed:8
  3. Number observed:2
  4. Number observed:1
  5. Number observed:1
  6. Number observed:1
  7. Number observed:10
  8. Number observed:1
  9. Number observed:1
  10. Number observed:2
  11. Number observed:8
  12. Number observed:4
  13. Number observed:8
  14. Number observed:2
  15. Number observed:3
  16. Number observed:10
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