Palomar Audubon Society is sponsoring a field trip during the 2024 San Diego Bird Festival

As part of our Palomar Audubon Society fund raising efforts, several of our PAS members will be leading a day-long field trip during the San Diego Bird Festival. The PAS leaders are Steve Ellis, Richard Cuthbertson, & Denise Riddle. The field trip will take place on Thursday February 22, 2024. The field trip is called “North County Lakes and Lagoons with the Palomar Audubon Society”. The field trip will cover the Whelan Lake Bird Sanctuary in the morning, and the Batiquitos Lagoon in the afternoon. PAS will receive a portion of the attendee’s registration fees. More details about the PAS sponsored field trip can be found here:

Many thanks go out to Steve, Richard, & Denise for volunteering!

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