Palomar Mountain SP Doane Pond Field Trip Report

Hi, Birders,

After an absence of three years, eighteen birders ventured up the mountain. Quite a beautiful day. Not as hot or buggy as expected. Many eyes and ears found a total of 34 species. Missing were any hawks and a few migrant and resident species.

Thank you for your help in finding the birds and helping me navigate the uneven terrain. Next year we have to remember to skip the beginning of the trail as the bridge is gone and the gully is a bit treacherous. Only Steve walked across the log bridge!

Oh, I think we forgot Song Sparrow!

Happy birding,

Sally Sanderson

Palomar Mountain SP–Doane Pond, San Diego, California, US

Jun 25, 2022 8:00 AM – 11:20 AM, Protocol: Traveling, 1.5 mile(s)

Checklist Comments:    Palomar Audubon Bird Walk

34 species

Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos)  2
Band-tailed Pigeon (Patagioenas fasciata)  3
Anna’s Hummingbird (Calypte anna)  2
American Coot (Fulica americana)  5
Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura)  1
Red-breasted Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus ruber)  1
Acorn Woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus)  6
Nuttall’s Woodpecker (Dryobates nuttallii)  2
Hairy Woodpecker (Dryobates villosus)  1
Western Wood-Pewee (Contopus sordidulus)  4
Pacific-slope Flycatcher (Empidonax difficilis)  1
Black Phoebe (Sayornis nigricans)  1
Steller’s Jay (Cyanocitta stelleri)  2
California Scrub-Jay (Aphelocoma californica)  1
American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos)  1
Common Raven (Corvus corax)  1
Mountain Chickadee (Poecile gambeli)  20
Oak Titmouse (Baeolophus inornatus)  1
Purple Martin (Progne subis)  2
Violet-green Swallow (Tachycineta thalassina)  8
Wrentit (Chamaea fasciata)  1
White-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis)  5
Brown Creeper (Certhia americana)  2
House Wren (Troglodytes aedon)  2
Western Bluebird (Sialia mexicana)  5
American Robin (Turdus migratorius)  4
Purple Finch (Haemorhous purpureus)  3
Dark-eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis)  3
California Towhee (Melozone crissalis)  1
Spotted Towhee (Pipilo maculatus)  3
Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus)  4
Common Yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas)  1
Western Tanager (Piranga ludoviciana)  1
Black-headed Grosbeak (Pheucticus melanocephalus)  2

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