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Pintail Ducklings Need Our Help

Pintail Ducklings

Dear Jeff,

We may only have a few days left to protect wetlands for ducklings for the next five years!

Northern Pintail ducks prefer to nest just after the ice begins to melt in the shallow wetlands of the Northern Great Plains.

But sadly, over half of these prairie pothole wetlands have been drained for agricultural development—destroying the habitat where Northern Pintail ducks raise their young.

Take action to protect wetland habitat for Northern Pintail ducklings.

Right now a small committee made up of members of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives are working to finalize differences between two versions of a five-year Farm Bill. One of those differences is whether or not to include a provision to protect habitat for pintail ducklings and other migratory waterfowl.

Northern Pintail ducks prefer to nest on open land with shallow, seasonal wetlands nearby. The fuzzy ducklings hatch after three weeks and are ready to eat nutritious foods such as snails and aquatic insects. Unfortunately, their wetland habitats on farms are at risk of destruction—threatening the future of these little ducklings.

As soon as next week, the conference committee could finalize a Farm Bill that ignores the wishes of many agriculture and conservation groups to make sure conservation measures on farms are required for the farm to receive federal crop insurances—putting Northern Pintails’ nesting grounds at risk.

Urge your members of Congress to include responsible conservation in the Farm Bill!

Unless key changes are made to the bill, our taxpayer dollars could incentivize the destruction of millions of acres of wetlands and reward farming practices that lead to worsened soil erosion.

By supporting longstanding requirements that farmers help conserve wetlands, streams and soil in order to receive crop insurance subsidies, we can help save wetlands in the Northern Great Plains for ducklings.

Don’t let Congress subsidize the destruction of Northern Pintail ducklings’ wetlands—add your voice today.

Thanks for all you do to protect wildlife.


Andy Buchsbaum
Interim Executive Director, NWF Action Fund
Twitter: @wildlifeaction
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