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Protect Wetlands for Canvasback Ducks

Canvasback Duck

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Despite our best efforts, Congress included a very dangerous loophole in the current Farm Bill that could actually pay farmers—using taxpayer dollars—for draining and destroying wetland habitat to make way for crops.

This subsidy is a big potential blow to waterfowl such as canvasback ducks whose very survival depends on abundant—yet dangerously dwindling—wetlands.

We need your voice now to shut down this loophole as soon as possible.

Say NO to taxpayer-funded habitat destruction. Please urge the U.S. Department of Agriculture to fix the loophole.

Wildlife like canvasback ducks rely on small wetlands in the Northern Great Plains—also known as prairie potholes—for feeding, nesting and raising their young. Unfortunately, more than half of the prairie pothole wetlands have already been drained for agricultural use, putting great pressure on dozens of wildlife species.

For decades NWF has fought side-by-side with advocates like you to protect prairie potholes and other wetlands, and to prevent farmers who drain wetland habitats from receiving federal subsidies. Our efforts succeeded in getting a “Swampbuster” provision into law that required any farmer who received federal support to refrain from draining wetlands on their property.

But a federal funding program contains a loophole that is ripe for abuse. If implemented poorly, the program could encourage and subsidize the destruction of wetlands so critical to canvasbacks and many other wildlife species.

Don’t let this happen.

Tell the USDA that under NO circumstances should federal funding programs cause the destruction of valuable wetland habitats.

Over and over again, in state after state, friends of wildlife like you have proven that we can work WITH farmers to create healthy habitats for all.

Jeffrey, prove it again today.

Add your name to defend wetlands right now.

Thanks for all you do to protect wildlife.


AndyAndy Buchsbaum
Interim Executive Director, NWF Action Fund

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