Sedona Hummingbird Festival

Sedona Hummingbird Festival 2013

Sedona Hummingbird Festival


Sedona Hummingbird Festival 2013

JULY 31 – AUGUST 2, 2015

A 30-second video about the 2014 Festival!


Presentations, Marketplace, and ticket sales take place at:
Sedona Red Rock High School
995 Upper Red Rock Loop Road
Sedona, AZ  86336
GPS Coordinates:   Lat. 34.846635, Long. -111.830435



Presentations3 days of presentations by hummingbird experts from around the world in the modern, air-conditioned Sedona Performing Arts Center.

Hummingbird Garden Tours Each ticket valid for two days, permitting scheduling garden visits and presentation plans so as not to miss anything! (Always a sellout; in 2015, increasing capacity from 300 tickets to 400 tickets).

Sunrise Breakfasts:  Several “hotspots” with huge numbers of hummingbirds suitable for breakfasts. NOTE: Sunrise Hummingbird Breakfasts always sell out very shortly after ticket sales begin on April 1; repeating, be prepared to buy early!

Banding (free):  Two banding hotspots in 2015, one for Friday and a different one for Saturday & Sunday.

Exhibits (free):  The Hummingbird Marketplace (exhibitors and vendors area), held in the lobby of the Sedona Performing Arts Center, with easy access to shopping opportunities for “everything hummingbird.” As before, no admission fee!

Art Exhibit (free):  Excellent hummingbird art at two different locations in Sedona. Click on ART EXHIBIT.

Birding Trips:  Birders will have the opportunity to visit one of two different habitats, Page Springs Fish Hatchery and Oak Creeek Canyon; tickets only $5, but reservations required because of limited capacity. In 2014, all tickets were sold out before the start of the festival. Led by the Northern Arizona Audubon Society, to whom all ticket sales are dedicated.

Ticket prices for 2015 are not yet set but are likely to be very close to 2014 prices.

TICKET PURCHASES:  Online ticket sales always begin on April 1, 2015 and end before the festival starts..  See the “TICKETS” tab. No orders by mail or telephone. No refunds; all ticket sales are final

GALA TICKET SALES cutoff July 15.

DETAILS on all parts of the festival will be found under the “ACTIVITIES” tab as they are updated.

You can read about the first Sedona Hummingbird Festival (2012)  in this excerpt from The Hummingbird Connection, the official member magazine of the Hummingbird Society.


How beautiful is Sedona? We know of no more beautiful description of Sedona than this video. Be sure to make it full screen.

The Sedona Hummingbird Festival is always held the first weekend in August, when Sedona’s hummingbird population is highest and most diverse—5 or even 6 species instead of the usual 2—and with typically five times the number of hummers as in early summer. Thanks to Sedona’s high altitude of 4,500 feet, we escape the intense summer heat experienced in more southern parts of Arizona (more at the Sedona tab). August is also a “low season” for tourism in Sedona, so you’ll be able to take advantage of lower lodging prices. We’re working on securing deals from participating hotels and motels; see “lodging deals.”

Arizona is already well known as the top state for seeing many hummingbird species (a fact that Texas disputes, of course). People travel great distances just to see Arizona’s hummers. But Sedona also has Red Rock Country, and that makes it even more desirable to come here to see hummingbirds. Is there a prettier place in America to see hummers? We don’t think so! That’s the reason behind the tagline for the Sedona Hummingbird Festival: The Most Beautiful Place in America to See Hummingbirds.

Sedona Hummingbird Festivals were spectacular community events!  Residents and businesses were encouraged to include hummer-friendly flowers in their yard. Those lacking time or inclination for gardening put out feeders, especially beginning in June. By keeping the feeders filled and fresh, residents year after year see that migrants will reward their benefactors by returning—with friends and relatives—leading to ever-higher populations. In our dreams, the Hummingbird Society imagines feeders even hanging from the street signs, but that may not happen right away!

ARCHIVES of the 2012 Festival web pages, for information only:

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The Sedona Hummingbird Festival is made possible in part by grants from the City of Sedona, Arizona and the Sedona Community Foundation. We gratefully acknowledge their help in making this event possible.
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