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Greater Sage-Grouse are Depending on You

Sage Grouse

Speak up for greater sage-grouse
and 350 other species today>>

Good news! Last week people like you spoke up for the imperiled greater sage-grouse against efforts in Congress to weaken the Endangered Species Act, and it worked!

Thanks to this success, we can now turn to proactive efforts underway at the federal level to conserve up to 50 million acres of sagebrush steppe so that greater sage-grouse can recover.

Take the next step for greater sage-grouse—help conserve their sagebrush steppe habitat.

Greater sage-grouse—an iconic bird of the West—once numbered sixteen million, but have plummeted to less than half a million. Energy development, mining, over-grazing and wildfires have degraded sagebrush grassland habitat, and pushed greater sage-grouse to the brink of extinction.

But it’s not too late. An unprecedented effort to manage greater sage-grouse habitat across 50 million acres of the sagebrush steppe in ten states was just announced by Interior Secretary Sally Jewell.

This massive conservation effort is the greatest hope for protecting greater sage-grouse and their sagebrush habitat. With enough public support the Bureau of Land Management can successfully carry out strong, science based measures to protect the greater sage-grouse.

Tell the Bureau of Land Management you support strong conservation plans for greater sage-grouse before it’s too late.

The sagebrush habitat critical to grouse is also home to more than 350 other plant and animal species including elk, mule deer, pronghorn, and golden eagles. More than half of this habitat, essential to the survival of all of these species, has been lost due to ever-increasing demands on the strained ecosystem.

The deadline for taking action in support of the sagebrush conservation plan is June 31st. Take action today to support one of the nation’s largest conservation efforts in history.

With your help we can give the greater sage-grouse and hundreds of species depending on the sagebrush habitat a fighting chance.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of a pivotal moment for conservation. Take action today.

Thanks for all you do to protect wildlife.


AndyAndy Buchsbaum
Interim Executive Director, NWF Action Fund

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