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The Northern Spotted Owl has soared through the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest for thousands of years. But if it’s going to have a future in California, it will need your help.

In the next few weeks, the California Fish and Game Commission will consider listing the Northern Spotted Owl under the California Endangered Species Act. Despite being listed by the Federal Government in 1990, the bird continues to decline rapidly due to habitat loss, encroachment by other species, climate change, wildfire, and other factors. Northern Spotted Owls are declining throughout their range, and in some places those declines are accelerating.

According the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the species is estimated to have declined by nearly 4% a year since 1985. In California, some of these losses have been more severe.

The Northern Spotted Owl is one of California’s great birds, and it desperately needs our help. A state listing will result in greater scrutiny of logging and development within the bird’s range, increased coordination among public agencies, and the likelihood of additional funding for protection and recovery efforts.

Our forests would never be the same without the haunting voice of the Northern Spotted Owl.

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Andrea Jones
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Audubon California

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