Sweetwater River Gorge Field Trip Results

Hi Friends,

On Saturday May 25, twenty-one birders walked the Sweetwater River Gorge trail and we found 41 bird species. Perfect weather with the overcast sky and cool breeze. Lots of Yellow-breasted Chats, Least Bell’s Vireos, and Ash-throated Flycatchers. Surprise birds were the Blue Grosbeaks, Lawrence’s Goldfinches, and the White-tailed Kite.

Here is our bird species list:

California Quail
Turkey Vulture
White-tailed Kite
Cooper’s Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk
California Gull
Mourning Dove
White-throated Swift
Anna’s Hummingbird
Nuttall’s Woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker
Pacific-slope Flycatcher
Black Phoebe
Ash-throated Flycatcher
Bell’s Vireo
American Crow
Common Raven
Northern Rough-winged Swallow
Cliff Swallow
House Wren
Bewick’s Wren
California Thrasher
Northern Mockingbird
European Starling
Orange-crowned Warbler
Common Yellowthroat
Yellow Warbler
Yellow-breasted Chat
Spotted Towhee
California Towhee
Song Sparrow
Blue Grosbeak
Hooded Oriole
House Finch
Lesser Goldfinch
Lawrence’s Goldfinch
Scaly-breasted Munia

Jim Beckman trip leader

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